Song Writer Documentation

Song Name Engine

The first tab is the Song Name Engine. The class name defaults to "CFGSongNameEngine". You can add Variables to the song name engine, by pressing on the "Add Variable" button. For more information on the CFG Song Name Engine, check out the Sound Helix site. With Song Writer you can easily use the "standard" Song Name Engine, by selecting "Set Default Song Name Engine". The variables will be built automatically, and you can edit their values. The Song name engine values are validated for minium required entries.


Under the structure tab, you can set the Bars, Beats per Bar and Ticks per Beat. Sond Writer lets you create them as random elements. Selecting the random check box opens up the random features. You can select either a range or a list. This section is validated for minimum required entries.

Harmony Engine

The Harmony Engine tab allows you to add Chord Patterns and Chord Random Tables. It also has a button for setting a standard harmony engine, as defind at the Sound Helix website.

Arrangement Engine

The Arrangement Engine tab is fairly complex. This is the bulk of the data, and this section is divided into three tabs. The main tab is setting up the main attributes of the Arrangement Engine. The class defaults to the SimpleArrangementEngine, which is the only Arrangement engine defind in version 0.3 of Sound Helix. This screen is validated when play is pressed.

The Activity Vectors tab allows you to add activity vectors and edit its data. The values entered for the name are automatically transfered over to the Tracks tab. Activity Vectors need to be define before you can add one to a track.

And last the Tracks. It allows for multiple tracks, with multiple Pattern Engines, Patterns Conditional Patterns and multiple Activity Vectors. You will need to select the Sequence Engine first. For more information on Sequence Engines go to Sound All sequence engines from version 0.3 are editable here. Upon selecting a sequence engine, the screen changes to include attributes available for that engine.

The Player tab allows you to set up the midi information. The Device is pre-populated with the standard midi device. With the "add Map" button you are able to add multiple mappings from instruments to the midi device.