The League of Unusual Guys

Written by Gary Deken and Ryan Deken

What is the League of Unusual Guys?

The League of Unusual Guys (or LUG as it’s abbreviated) is the story of an undercover organization devoted to dealing with a variety of criminal organizations and strange adversaries. The League was formed in the late 1800s to combat the vampire and werewolf epidemic.

Over the years, a number of criminal organizations have moved to the foreground (such as the Dread – a group containing genetically altered animals intent upon world domination).

The year is 1997, and to this day, the Dread remains one of the League’s main enemies, but that doesn't stop them from taking on the unusual and bizarre criminal elements in society.

Who are the members of the League of Unusual Guys?

Currently, the League is under the leadership of Daniel Atachison Drake (called DAD for short). DAD is an older gentleman, but as such he is well rehearsed in dealing with the Dread and getting a mission off the ground and moving. He periodically heads off to the archivist, Michelle, to access the League archives. He has studied them extensively and besides Michelle, he is probably more familiar with various criminal groups described than any other member of the LUG.

Recent inductees and the main characters of our stories are Gary Miller and Ryan Bishop. These two men have dreamt of being heroes since they were young. After they were turned down for the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Gary and Ryan were torn, but a new offer presented itself – the League of Unusual Guys. Since joining the LUG, Gary and Ryan have been combating members of the Dread, tracking down stolen items, and working (if even as a janitor) to make the world a better, safer place.

Almost always nearby, Kevin serves as DAD's personal bodyguard. He has been a fiercely loyal member of the LUG for a number of years, and his brute strength is enough to strike fear in the eyes of many (even fellow LUG members).

What is the Dread?

The Dread is a criminal organization, composed largely of human mutants and strange animals, intent upon world domination. The Dread was created years ago by Mighty Dread, and it has become one of the most destructive and deadly adversaries of the League of Unusual Guys.