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The Library at Abber Keep

Welcome to the library at Abber Keep! Here you can find an assortment of stories from science fiction, fantasy, comedy and horror. Our main feature that is available through the Abber Keep website is The League of Unusual Guys. We hope you stay a while and browse our library.

The League of Unusual Guys

The League of Unusual Guys is our main story at Abber Keep. Every Wednesday night, one of the authors will add a small section to the LUG story.

Current Mission in Progress: A Deck Without Diamonds

When a crime spree hits Atlantic City and there is little more evidence than a series playing cards, Gary and Ryan decide to intervene on a hunch that the Dread is involved. However, with tensions growing between LUG and the police, they must keep a low profile while attempting to break the biggest case to hit the casino streets.

The Vampyre: Hunting the Dark

At the fall of Rome, in the last remains of the Bohemian kingdom, a devil has come to a small village, and it will put on trial a young woman's love, an old warrior's faith, and a lonely man's desire. This story is the tale of Roman soldier turned priest, an artist turned evil, and a young woman turning of age. Follow the tale as they try to find happiness in a dark and treacherous world.

Due to the graphic nature of this story, parental guidance is suggested.

Hunting the Dark

Stanislav clinges to his faith, Radulf chases after a lost dream, and Secunda's love has been torn away from her. Can Stanislav make things right or will the world be changed forever.

Letters Page

Please take some time to read through our stories and send us any comments at our respective letters pages for the topic of your discussion. We are always looking for others’ insights, and ideas on how we can improve our stories.